FantasticWoman1A Fantastic Woman. Made in Chile, this often harrowing film of a transwoman’s quest for dignity and the right to grieve her lover is nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. It is propelled by an outstanding performance by Daniela Vega.





boultonTrans on Stage. The Art and Politics of Cross-Gender Performance. Gender transgression and the theatre are intimately linked throughout human history and have served to illustrate and transform issues of transgenderism, same sex love, and the role of women in society.



A Film and a Novella

BartonThe Triple Echo was a novella written by H. E. Bates and published in 1970. It is the story of an army deserter in war time England who finds refuge in the home of a married woman trying to run a farm while her husband is a prisoner of war in Japan. To avoid suspicion and arrest, the deserter gradually adopts female dress, which begins her awakening as a trans woman. It was made into a movie in 1972. Directed by Michael Apted, it starred Glenda Jackson, Oliver Reid and Brian Deacon.



TrEchocoldcomfThe print version of Triple Echo featured collages by Rachel Steen that played a big part in giving the ‘zine its unique look. As all these collages were reproduced in black and white, I thought it would be worthwhile to display a few of my favourites in their glorious original colours.