On Monday, June 15th, the US Supreme Court ruled by a majority of six to three that to fire someone on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity was a form of sex discrimination, and therefore illegal.

Queerphobia and the pandemic: LGBT communities around the world targeted

(May 2020) A survey of news from around the world.

Iceland (September, 2019)

The Spartacus Gay Travel Index rates Iceland as one of the most LGBTQ friendly places in the world. The index uses research from Human Rights Watch, the UN Free & Equal campaign, and information about human rights abuses against members of the LGBTQ+ community collected throughout the past year. This opinion piece from the Guardian shows how in Iceland women’s rights and trans rights are regarded as not just compatible, but complementary.

Bangladesh (July 2019)

Historically, the Hijra occupied an almost mythical place in South Asian society. They belonged to their own holy caste and held a range of diverse and important ceremonial roles. These roles diminished as colonial influences took hold. Now with the rise of fundamentalism and weak political leadership, one of the oldest third gender communities in the world is harassed and oppressed.

Armenia: Lilit Martirosyan (June 2019)

Argentina – Poland (in Books, July 2018)