Biography & Life Stories

Autobiography of an Androgyne

This book, originally published in 1918, convinced me that the category of transgender had to be created to save a large group of people – us – from being victimized by a hateful and uncaring world

I’m Afraid of Men

The book begins with a sentence that explains the title: “I’m afraid of men because it was men who taught me fear.” The introductory chapter that follows then demonstrates how this “fear governs many of the choices I make, from the beginning of my day to the end.”

Love Lives Here

Amanda Jette Knox’s book Love Lives Here suggests that in an age when hate seems to dominate the news and social media, people are thirsting for stories in which love triumphs.

Mamaskatch: A Cree Coming of Age

Mamaskatch is a reminder of a time not so long ago when racism, colonialism, homophobia and transphobia had direct and devastating effects on individuals. I hope we’ve become better since then.

Mom, I Need To Be a Girl

By Just Evelyn (Evelyn D. Lindenmuth), reviewed by Samantha P. Samantha passed away in 2019. This review was originally published on her web site.

Rupert Raj: Dancing the Dialectic

The subtitle to this book does not lie. Rupert Raj was the trailblazer for trans activism in Canada.

She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders

By Jennifer Finney Boylan, reviewed by Samantha P. Samantha passed away in 2019. This review was originally published on her web site.

Soar, Adam, Soar

While Soar, Adam, Soar is very much about the short, inspiring life of Adam Prashaw – indeed, he contributes to much of it through his Facebook postings reprinted periodically within the text – it’s also about his dad and co-author, Rick Prashaw. I don’t think Rick intended it that way, but I also don’t think the book suffers for it.

This One Looks Like a Boy

A worthwhile and readable memoir. Lorimer Shenher served with the Vancouver Police Department and was the first detective assigned to the notorious case of missing Vancouver women.

To My Trans Sisters

An entertaining and inspirational collection of letters written by successful transwomen sharing what they have learned on their journey to womanhood. It is by turns honest, heartfelt, funny and furious. “A love letter to our community.”

Trans Power

There are some worthwhile arguments in Juno Roche’s book Trans Power, but she’s so enamoured of her own personal epiphany that she mistakenly assumes it is the way forward for all trans folks. It is not.

The Trauma Cleaner

A biography of the remarkable Sandra Pankhurst, a woman who brings order and care to the living and the dead. Before she was a trauma cleaner, she was many things: abused child, husband and father, drag queen, sex affirmation patient, sex worker, businesswoman, and trophy wife. An affirmation that we are all in this together.