Bobbi Charlton on Family Law

I would be remiss in not mentioning a second show on Canadian television that has a recurring role for a trans woman. It is Family Law, seen on Global television Friday nights. Like Sort Of, the presence of a trans woman in the cast is not a big issue and the show itself simply presents her as office manager in the dysfunctional family law firm of the title. (As well as being a family firm, it also practices family law.) The character of Jerri Rifkin is played by Bobbi Charlton, whose credits include the series The Magicians and A Million Little Things.

The central premise of the series is that Abigail Bianchi (played by Jewel Staite) goes to work in her estranged father’s law firm as part of her probation and must work with two half-siblings she doesn’t know while maintaining her sobriety. In the episode I saw, Charlton’s character displayed a truer moral compass than the messed-up principals of the law firm she works for.

Bobbi Charlton

Charlton has worked over 35 years in the arts as actor, choreographer, director and writer. Her bio on the Global website describes her as “extremely compassionate and patient, but having personally experienced violence and human injustice she has a definite “line in the sand” that should not be crossed. This mindset ties in perfectly with her role as Jerri, whose inflexible belief in law and order crosses over to her “mama-bear” treatment of Harry’s children as well as unwavering support for Harry even though she doesn’t always agree with his decisions and personal choices in life.”