Fiction, Drama, Poetry

The Danish Girl

Before the film, there was the book. In its portrayal of the complexity of human nature, The Danish Girl demonstrates that well executed fiction with a trans story can be relevant to all readers.

Detransition, Baby

Torrey Peters’ novel Detransition, Baby is nothing if not a deep dive into what it means to be trans. An accomplished work of fiction.

In One Person

I’m a little late to the party in reviewing John Irving’s book, first published in 2012. Having just finished reading it, however, I felt compelled to write a few words. It’s simply too good a novel to be quiet about.

Little Fish

If Dickens wrote of Great Expectations (however ironically), Casey Plett’s novel about a trans woman finding her way in the early months of winter in Winnipeg is one of low expectations. And yet…

transVersing: a small book of poetry and drama by trans youth

An interesting little book that came out of a project by Love of Learning, a St. John’s charity that provides at-risk youth with arts based training.