Organizing for Transgender Rights

This book is a political science and sociological analysis of transgender rights groups in the United States. The author studies the formation, proliferation and in some cases demise of these groups through interviews with their founders.

Rupert Raj: Dancing the Dialectic

The subtitle to this book does not lie. Rupert Raj was the trailblazer for trans activism in Canada.

(The) Riddle of Gender: Science, Activism, and Transgender Rights

By Deborah Rudacille, reviewed by Samantha P. Samantha passed away in 2019. This review was originally published on her web site.

The Skin We’re In

Desmond Cole’s dismantling of police tactics against Black people in Canada, with an excellent chapter on the disruption of Toronto’s Pride Parade in 2016 by Black Lives Matter -Toronto. We’re all in this together.

Trans Activism in Canada 

An anthology that brings together activists and allies to examine the various strategies and forms of resistance needed to transform oppression into opportunity for change.

Trans Like Me

C. N. Lester’s critique of the way trans people have been, and continue to be, portrayed in the media and popular culture has a mild undercurrent of anger which I found invigorating. Anger has a way of focusing one on the need for action, and as Lester clearly demonstrates the battle is far from over.