Trans Ottawa

The original purpose of this web site was to have a place in which the history of trans people in Ottawa could be told. My intention was to compile as much of the history as I could and then upload what I had so people could make additions and corrections. Meanwhile I would continue to research it myself. Since this was likely to be a long term project, I thought I should beef up the site a little and add other material as I went along.

te-joanne1From 1998 to 2003 I published a ‘zine called Triple Echo. The aim of Triple Echo was to publish articles on trans history and the lives of gender variant people, as well as news, articles, book reviews, and opinions that I hoped would be of interest to the trans community and its supporters. Since I still had the articles I published back then and since my interests haven’t changed much, I decided to add the still relevant ones to the site immediately. From there it was a simple leap to call the site Triple Echo as well.

There was, however, one major difference between the print version of Triple Echo and the web version. The emphasis in this version is mostly on Ottawa and the surrounding area. Eventually it became obvious to me that the name Triple Echo was largely irrelevant to what I was trying to do. Consequently in March 2019 I renamed the site Trans Ottawa.

My primary purpose is still to make the Ottawa trans history file as complete as possible, but in the meantime I will report current events also, or at least as many as I am able to attend. The Ottawa trans community is much more dynamic than when I first published the paper edition of Triple Echo. Unfortunately, we don’t always talk to one another. I believe a web site like this could be immensely useful to the community as a whole. Perhaps it will one day live up to its lofty goal of covering all of trans Ottawa. In the meantime I shall report on what I can, continue compiling our history, and hope you enjoy the parts of the site that interest you.

Incidentally, Triple Echo, the original name for this site, refers to a novella written by H. E. Bates. For more on the novella, and the movie made from the book, see Triple Echo