Trans Ottawa

The original purpose of this web site was to have a place in which the history of trans people in Ottawa could be told. As I expected this to be an ongoing project, with additions and amendments being added as new information became available, I decided to expand the focus of the site to include stories “from and for transgender Ottawa”.

My aim is to publish articles on trans history and the lives of trans and gender diverse people, as well as news, articles, book reviews, and opinions that I hope will be of interest to the community and its supporters. Ideally, I’d also like to report on current events in Ottawa whenever I’m able. Perhaps one day the site will live up to its lofty goal of covering all of trans Ottawa.

te-joanne1If you have a story idea or opinion, please get in touch. I’d also be pleased to publicize your event or business. This is not my vanity project, but rather an attempt to further the interests of the trans community in Ottawa. We’re stronger together.

As for my bio, my name is Tara Sypniewski. I’m a trans woman who was involved in the nascent Ottawa trans community of the early to mid 80s, was a founding member of Gender Mosaic and its second president. From 1998 to 2003, I published a ‘zine called Triple Echo, which incidentally was the original name of this web site.

The name Triple Echo refers to a novella written by H. E. Bates. For more on the novella, and the movie made from the book, see Triple Echo