Ottawa Trans Library

Ottawa Public Library, Rideau Branch.

Like everyone else, I’m very tired of this pandemic. In the autumn, I thought it was finally safe enough for me to start browsing real estate listings for possible locations for the library. No sooner did I start than the world went into another panic, this time over the Omicron variant. I’m hoping this latest threat does not set us back again, and so haven’t given up hope that we can open the library up sometime in early 2022.

The aim of this project is to collect books by trans authors, as well as historical, important and interesting works on trans issues and people. I am interested in acquiring even transphobic titles. If you have a collection of trans books or periodicals gathering dust in your basement that you would consider deaccessioning (that’s a respectful term for “getting rid of”), please get in touch with me.

Oppressed people have always needed spaces where they can be safe, gather, meet new people and talk. There is no more civilized “third space” than a library. It’s much more than a place for books and access to the internet. It’s a community builder. I believe it would be beneficial if we had a physical presence in the city.

The Ottawa Trans Library is very much a Field of Dreams, build-it-and-they-will-come type project. It has the potential to be a step forward for the trans community in Ottawa.

Here is the catalogue to the Ottawa Trans Library. I’m adding new titles regularly. Clicking on ‘Catalog’ will give you an alphabetical list of the entire collection. Articles are included in the title, so a book that begins with “The” will be under the letter T. The 100 most recently added titles are under “New Collections”. “Top Collections” are the 100 most borrowed items (currently irrelevant as I haven’t loaned anything yet.)