Ottawa Trans Library

Library catalogue of periodicals

1991 Crossdresser’s Resource Survival Guide
Ottawa : Gender Mosaic; Club M.E.T.; Monarch Social Club; Illusions Social Club.
Periodical. Annual
Holdings: 1991.

Monarch: Canada’s Transgender Reader
Toronto : Xpressions
Holdings: no. 49, no. 51, 1999.

News bulletin : Gender Mosaic
Ottawa : Gender Mosaic
Holdings: Apr./May 1993-Mar./Apr. 1994.

Notes from the underground
Ottawa, Gender Mosaic
Frequency and numbering vary; Volume number jumps from 6(1994) to 8(1995).
Holdings: no.1(1988/89)-no.5(1989); v.2:no.1(1989/90)-v.6:no.2(1994); v.8:no.1(1995)-v.8:no.3(1995); Nov.(1995)-Dec.(1995); no.1(1997)-no.4(1998); v.1(1999)-v.4(1999); v.1(2000)-v.4(2000); v.1(2001); v.1(2002)-v.3(2002); v.2(2003)-v.3(2003); v.1(2004)-v.2(2004).

Tams & Tissues
Montreal : Transvestites a Montreal
Holdings: April 1980 (partial issue); Mar 10, 1982; July 9, 1982; Nov. 16, 1982.

Los Angeles, Chevalier Publications
Holdings: no.95(1978); no.97(1978)-no.98(1979); no.100(1979; incorrectly dated as 1977); no.103(1980).
No.100 has title “The life and times of Virginia Prince”. Signed by author, with note from author inserted inside back cover.
Donated by Joanne Law.

Transgender Tapestry
Waltham, MA : International Foundation for Gender Education
Periodical. Published quarterly
Holdings: no. 88, 1999; no. 108, 2005; no. 112,2007.

Tri-Ess Directory
Tulare, CA : Sociey for the Second Self
Periodical. Annual with supplements.
Holdings: 1987; 1 & 2, 1987

Triple echo
Ottawa : Sappers Bridge Publishing
Published quarterly: Vol. 1, no. 1 erroneously has year 1999 on cover; inside pages give Dec. 1998.
Holdings: v.1:no.1(1998)-v.4:no.2(2003.

Zenith digest
Vancouver : The Zenith Foundation
Holdings: no.6(1994); v.4:no.6(1997/98)-v.5:no.3(1998); v.5:no.5(1998)-v.5:no.6(1998); v.7:no.4(2000)-v.8:no.3(2001); v.9:no.2(2002).