Bill to ban conversion therapy introduced

October 2020 – The Liberal Party has reintroduced a bill that would ban conversion therapy, the practise of attempting to alter people’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The bill was removed from the House of Commons agenda when the Liberals prorogued Parliament in August, and has the support of the NDP. While Conservative leader Erin O’Toole said conversion therapy was wrong and should be banned, he accused the Liberals of playing wedge politics to expose those in the Conservative caucus who would vote against it.

It’s a little rich of O’Toole to complain considering he courted supporters of “social conservative” MP Derek Sloan to win the recent Conservative leadership contest. During his run for the leadership, Sloan claimed the bill “promoted gender-reassignment surgery and criminalized conversations between parents and their kids.”

As long as the Conservative Party of Canada continues to welcome “social conservatives” with extreme views into their fold, the sincerity of their support for LGBT folks will be suspect. They appear more concerned about their own political fortunes than the well-being of LGBT people.