Winning design for LGBTQ2+ national monument revealed

The Department of Canadian Heritage and the LGBT Purge Fund have revealed the winning design for the LGBTQ2+ monument to be built in Ottawa. The winning concept is Thunderhead from Public City Inc., a team of Winnipeg-based architects and landscape architects. According to the news release from Canadian Heritage, “This design draws on the symbolism of a thunderhead cloud, which embodies the strength, activism and hope of LGBTQ2+ communities. It will be a lasting testimony to the courage and humanity of those who were harmed by the LGBT Purge, homophobic and transphobic laws and norms, and Canada’s colonial history.”

The LGBT Purge Fund is providing at least $8 million towards the monument.

There are many hate-filled people living in Canada, but – so far – we still have more people here trying to do the right thing, and this monument is undoubtedly the right thing. Despite Thunderhead not being my first choice, I’m thrilled with the selection and am looking forward to the day we can visit and experience it.