No sex designation on Saskatchewan licenses

February 2022 – Saskatchewan residents can now opt not to include any sex designation on their driver’s license or Saskatchewan Government Insurance issued photo ID cards. The change came as a result of a Saskatchewan Human Rights complaint and feedback from residents that indicated the X option currently available didn’t resonate with everyone. About 300 people currently have X on their licenses, but members of the community said they preferred the no letter option.

Morgan Moats, chair of UR Pride in Regina and a non-binary person, said an empty space offers them more safety. The CBC quoted them as saying, “An ‘X’ says, ‘I’m not a man or a woman,’ whereas the blank says, ‘It’s none of your business.’

For some trans folks, a sex designation is of course an affirmation, but in the long run any step toward weakening the firm grip of the gender binary on human lives is likely a positive development. Full article and more discussion on the CBC site.