Crossdressing With Dignity: The Case For Transcending Gender Lines, by Peggy J. Rudd. PM Publishers, 1990.

by Samantha P.

CrossBookThis book represents the collective input from more than eight hundred crossdressers. The Case for Transcending Gender Lines paves the path for crossdressers as they enter a hostile world. Emotions such as fear and guilt are addressed in detail. Each chapter is a “stand alone” work, but each relates to the overall theme of the book, the development of an inner feeling of self-dignity. Dr. Rudd asserts that self-acceptance comes before all else and that without it self-dignity is impossible to achieve.

Negative feelings are addressed: denial, hostility, fear and guilt. Dealing with these is seen as a primary concern, for until they are addressed and replaced with positive feelings progress cannot be achieved. “Tools” to help the crossdresser break out of his self-imposed prison are presented with clarity. Relationships within the family are explored in detail, and a short dissertation on “How To Tell Your Wife” is included. Chapter Nine, on self-acceptance, is most thought provoking, ending with a thirteen step guide to reaching that level of self-acceptance so necessary for stability and growth. If you only choose one chapter to read, in my opinion this one must be it. Chapter Eleven, which is really the last chapter of the book for the average reader, ends with a beautiful poem which you can read [here].

Chapter Twelve is basically for the statistically inclined. Here, in detail, are the charts and tables resultant from the over eight hundred replies to Dr. Rudd’s questionnaire.

Despite a few editing typos, this book is a good read, well worth the time. Take chapters one at a time and really think about them. I recommend this book to all crossdressers and their loved ones.